Participation in the Saskatchewan Games will be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences for any young athlete. As the largest ongoing multi-sport event in the province (over 40 years!), you will experience tremendous camaraderie with other athletes from your District and the entire province, and receive the highest standards of quality care, comfort and competition by the Host Organizing Committee in North Battleford.

Athlete and District Eligibility

The Saskatchewan Games has strict regulations regarding athlete eligibility and District eligibility. Some of the key criteria have been synthesized and bulleted below, however, if questions arise it will be in the athlete’s best interest to contact the Team Regina Sport Coordinator as soon as possible (before playdowns or tryouts) to have the matter clarified by the Saskatchewan Games Council.
  • The Saskatchewan Games shall be open to Saskatchewan residents who are Canadian citizens or who have landed immigrant status for a minimum period of one year prior to the Games. 
  • Each district team shall be comprised of eligible athletes whose Saskatchewan domicile or actual residence for at least six months prior to the Games, was located within the recognized boundaries of the district they are representing. In the event an athlete moves from one district to another, less than six months prior to the start of the Games, a special request may be made to the Saskatchewan Games Council to determine eligibility. 
  • Students enrolled and attending secondary or post-secondary school on a full-time basis outside their district residence may elect to compete in a district play down in either their home district or academic resident district, but not both. 
  • First Nations athletes who reside and attend school in one District but are members of a First Nation Reserve in another District may elect to participate in either District; but not both. If they try out for one District and are not selected for that team, they are not permitted to try out for that sport in another District.
A list of the Districts and more information on their boundaries can be viewed on Page 53 of the Saskatchewan Games Handbook. View it Here

Sports in the Games

For a breakdown of which sports are included in the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter games, check out the sport sport calendar here. If you are age eligible and District eligible, you will have to attend a tryout or playdown. How the selection works and when they take place varies by sport, but details on the selection process can be found in each individual sport technical package which can be viewed on the specific sport pages on this website. If it's unclear to you how the process works after reading the tech package, it's best to contact the Team Regina Sport Coordinator directly.

Regina District Tryouts

Each sport's selection dates and methods will be different, but for a regularly updated list, click here. The recommendation is to monitor (or directly contact) either the Team Regina or the PSGB's website. Every attempt will be made to coordinate and update information as it is made available. Most sports are expected to host their tryouts in late 2017 or January of 2018. 

Cost to Participate

Provincial Sport Governing Bodies (PSGBs) may require a fee to help cover costs of tryouts, practices and competition uniforms. It is at the PSGB's discretion as to what or if a separate fee is collected.

If officially selected as a Team Regina athlete for the Games, a $75 fee is required. This fee covers the costs associated with the Games, including your ceremonial walkout uniform, accommodations, meals, and transportation to and from North Battleford.

Prior to the Games

Team Regina will host a Pep Rally (Staging Event) in early February. The program will include the opportunity to hear a motivational speaker, receive final information about the Games, distribute walkout uniforms to coaches/managers for their teams, etc. The event is under development. Stay tuned for more details.

Getting to the Games

Bus transportation will be coordinated to and from North Battleford for all Team Regina athletes, coaches, and managers.

At the Games

Everyone must attend the Opening or Closing Ceremonies of the Saskatchewan Games (dependent on which half you participate in). The Host Community will be making these ceremonies special with exciting entertainment and celebrities.

All athletes, coaches, and managers will be housed in the Athletes' Village at North Battleford Comprehensive High School. They will also eat all their meals at the village.

Other Information

Once selected, a lot more information will be coming (most likely through your coach or manager), in particular, detailed information about Games registration, fee payment, uniforms, transportation, and accommodations. If you are unsure or have questions after being selected, check in with this website, or the Team Regina Sport Coordinator, or your coach/manager and they'll help you out.